Forged in Kinder Park Fire (8 May 2016)

This contest is open to all current Chesapeake Forge members less those on the judges list (even if they choose not to judge).

While the contest is in progress, contestants will have exclusive use of the forge. This means that Sunday May 8th (Mothers Day) and Monday May 9th, those of us that are not competing can only watch (and strike?) and cheer on your favorites. Sunday May 15th and Monday May 16th, 2 or fewer forges will be open.

The prizes are as follows:

Winners agree to show (if they want to keep their product), auction off, or donate to "Iron in the Hat" their creations at the BGCM 28th Annual Blacksmith Days, May 21-22, 2016. The Mayer family will bring your product if you do not wish to attend.



For the final round.

The judges pool from which 2 or 3 judges will be selected:
Keith Purvis, Richard Stevens, George McEwen, Paul Wiedorn, Robert Webber, Larry Peterka, Mike Scott.

The Gate (20 June 2011)

The guild has completed making a gate for the Kinder Farm cemetery. The gate will be back soon from being sand blasted and painted and then you can see it near the visitors center.

New Sunday Hours

With over 20 members it was getting 2 or 3 deep at the forges on Monday night, so the membership agreed to expand our hours. In addition to the Monday night sessions we are now open on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M.

The new Sunday hours also allow more opportunity for visitors to the park to see us in operation.


Out of a concern for the safety of our members the leadership has decided that no smith should work alone. Henceforth, there must be two people in the forge for anyone to work.


As of 23 December we are down to 2 bags of coal, so we will be ordering 2 tons (in 50-lbs.bags) from the Farmer's Co-Op. The coal should be here shortly (and probably will be there already by the time you read this).


Stop on by. We love to have guests!

For the Serious Smith

The guild recently purchased a 5.5-lbs. French pattern hammer. It is the heaviest single handed hammer available (you're welcome, Mr. Bill). Come check it out.

Mr. Bill's new hammer


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