10 Second TV Spot

Science, Technology, and Math are separate subjects, each with its own methods. For a brief explanation of each view this PowerPointtm. Within technology there are nine core technologies:

ElectricalElectronicOptical and Laser


Your task is to create ten-second long video advertisement for science, technology, mathematics, or one of the nine core technologies.

  1. Define the Problemóreview these rules and write a synopsis in your engineer's notebook. Research the topic using available resources.
  2. Generate Concepts—brainstorm ideas. Pick a topic. Find a definition or a quick explanation. List some examples if you chose a core technology. Decide on a solution to develop further.
  3. Develop a Solution—do a timeline or storyboard in your engineer's notebook.
  4. Construct and Test a Prototype
    1. Shoot the needed video clips.
    2. Open MovieMaker (or other software)
    3. Bring in the first still picture.
    4. Put a title on or before the first picture.
    5. Add the video clips, if any, that you shot.
    6. Add additional content (what you are going to say on the topic).
    7. Add credits with you as the producer or "provided by."
    8. Add the music.
    9. Edit everything down to 10 seconds, exactly.
    10. Save the movie (not just the project) and hand it in.
  5. Evaluate the Solution—Watch other 10 second spots and compare them to yours. Decide on ways to improve your video. Modify and resubmit.
  6. Present the Solution—have the teacher watch your video.



10 Second Spots


Last updated on 9 September 2015